Southeastern Pennsylvania

Equine Portrait Photographer

"Had the best experience doing a photoshoot this past fall! Jess made sure to get all the photos I really wanted and then some, even a great photo with two horses and two (wild) dogs who don't make it easy. She is amazing to work with and always so nice. The photos turned out awesome and I'm so grateful to have them!"


-Chelsea K.

"I cannot say enough positive things about this experience!!! Jess is super positive, incredibly flexible in general and especially with unpredictable weather, extremely professional, talented with knowing just how to get the right shot (she got Sir Eastwood to be the best model ever when he normally puts his ears back when a camera comes in view!), and she brings a calm and fun energy to set for OCD anxious perfectionists like me!"


-Kymmy P.

"The best word to describe my photo experience would be extraordinary. From our first contact to the portrait session to the delivery of my wall art and photo albums - extraordinary. The portrait of me and my horse, Misty, is the final Christmas gift from my deceased husband. A lot of pressure on Jess, but she handled it all with sensitivity and professionalism, and we had lots of fun doing it. My wall art and albums are stunning. There is no other way to describe them. If you are thinking of having a portrait done of you and your special horse, Jess is the person to do it for you. She is simply extraordinary."


-Gina B.