About Jess

I’ve been surrounded by horses since I had my first riding lesson at the age of 4 on a little bay pony called “J Crew.” Back then, photographs were taken on disposable cameras to be dropped off and developed at your local CVS. I have so many great memories of my years growing up at various barns – I just wish I had a few more of them in physical form. So many horses have helped shape me into the horsewoman – and person – I am today, but their faces and the bond I felt between us exits now only in my memory.


But that doesn’t have to happen to you! In fact, it's my goal to make sure every time you see the finished art from your portrait session with your horse that you not only remember how much fun the experience was, but that you feel the same love for your horse and excitement that you did on that day.


I’d love to help preserve your cherished memories with your horses so they’re always able to be with you – even 10, 20, 30 years from now. My personal horse, Justin, is reaching his mid 20s now, and I know that choosing to have portraits of him done is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He’s been my rock, my best buddy though more than I can explain for over 10 years now, and no matter what happens, he’ll always be with me.


Portraits can capture more than our likeness – the personality of our horses and the bond they share with us is forever immortalized in a moment that will make us smile and re-live fond memories each and every time. Being able to combine my lifelong love of horses with my passion for photography has been an absolute dream. I’ve been taking horse show photos for friends of mine since I purchased my first DSLR in college, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My love for photography has since expanded to capturing the indescribable connection between horses and their people, and led me to create Jess Casino Photography in 2017.


The bond you share with your horse cannot be replicated – nothing is more unique and special than the way your heart horse can change your life forever. Let’s capture those special moments and create photographs you’ll be proud to display in you home and share with those you love – photos that bring a smile to your face and take you right back to those unforgettable moments with the horses you love.