The Jess Casino Photography Experience

You share a one of a kind bond with your horse - and your portrait experience should be no different. I'll be right there with you to provide direction and guidance from start to finish and to ensure you walk away with exactly what you came to me for - gorgeous professional portraits of the horse that is your everything. Nothing is more important to me than making sure your time with me is a wonderful memory in itself that I hope you'll remember with a smile every time you see your photos. My goal is for my clients to become friends for life and follow all your adventures your special partnership takes you on!

Step one: design consultation

No two portrait sessions are exactly the same - nor should they be! I want to design an experience that is everything you imagined and then some. We'll get together to chat about everything from session date and time to what to wear, how to prepare yourself and your horse, the vision you have for your finished photos, and exactly how you'd like to display them in your home or barn. I'll bring samples of the products I offer so you have a chance to hold them and get an idea of which you absolutely love, and there will be plenty of time for me to answer any questions you might have. Rest assured you'll leave your design consultation feeling prepared and stress free ahead of you and your horse's big day!

Step two: your portrait session

The day we've both been waiting for is finally here! You and your horse are both looking your absolute best and it's time to shine. Your portrait session will be more relaxing than you think - I take great care to ensure everyone (including your horse) feels comfortable and at ease from start to finish.This is the time to have fun and enjoy the love you share with your special horse - leave the hard work to me!

Step three: ordering appointment

All the preparation and excitement will be so worth it once you see your gorgeous photographs for the first time. We'll sit down together once again to view all your photos and choose your favorites. Don't worry - I'll be there to guide you through the process of narrowing down which you'd absolutely love to display on any number of stunning heirloom products for your walls or coffee table. It's so important to me that you walk away with products that you're absolutely in love with that will last a lifetime - or several!

Your Investment

Horse & Rider

Creative Fee $400


Pre-Session Design Consultation

Location Planning & Wardrobe Assistance

Use of floral and other props, if desired

Up to 2 hours on Location day of Session

Multiple Horses & Outfit Changes, if desired

In-Person Ordering Appointment

One-on-one guidance from start to finish

There's no better way to showcase the love and immeasurable bond shared between you and the horse that is simply your everything than with Horse & Rider portraits. The memories you make during your session are sure to take you back through the years with the horse each and every time you set eyes on the photos. These outdoor sessions are shot at sunrise and sunset for the perfect, dreamy lighting to produce images you'll love to decorate the walls of your home with.


These sessions include photos in a variety of poses from mounted and unmounted shots of you and your horse showcasing your special bond, horse-only portraits, and even full-tack riding shots if you so choose. The possibilities are truly endless!

**Heirloom Artwork and Digital Images are purchased separately**

Black Background

Creative Fee $400 per horse


Pre-Session Design Consultation

Use of floral and other props, if desired

Approx. 30 minutes of Photography per horse

Professional Editing and Retouching

In-Person Ordering Appointment

One-on-one guidance from start to finish

Nothing quite compares to the beauty of the horse - and the perfect way to show off the horse you love than with these timeless portraits. Your horse's character and personality are captured in images that give that studio feel without ever leaving the barn. Black Background sessions require little setup and nothing more than a barn aisle or indoor arena to crate photographs that look absolutely stunning in any home or barn.


Black background sessions include a variety of poses including full bodies, detail shots, and lots of creative angles to help your horse's best features absolutely shine!


Interested in getting the whole barn together and doing a whole day of sessions? Black Background sessions lend themselves extremely well to being done in bulk. We can even set up a group reveal and ordering session party at the barn. Feel free to inquire for more details on this option that's sure to be a memorable event for your barn family!

**Heirloom Artwork and Digital Images are purchased separately**

Portrait Presentations for your Home and Barn

Scheduling a portrait session with your horse is a major milestone in the story of your special relationship - and one that should bring you endless amounts of joy on a daily basis. Of course your session is just a moment in time, but the love you have for your horse is something that's etched into the fiber of your being. These memories deserve more than to pop up once a year on your Facebook memories. I'm a firm believer that printed portraits are the best way to display the love you have for your horse and take you back through every memorable moment each time you see them.


I've taken great care to cultivate a list of products I just know you'll love and that will be with you for decades - heirlooms that will be passed down and cherished by future generations. From the highest quality canvas, metal, and professionally framed wall artwork to grace the walls of your home and barn to linen and leather bound albums built to display the entire story of your portrait session, you won't believe how incredible it feels to actually hold these memories in your hands.

Keepsake Image Boxes

Equestrian Albums

Wall Portraits and Storyboards